Time’s Fools

the magic of maybe



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Some responses from the original audiences in the theatre:


We thought your play marvellous. It was a tour de force, beautifully acted and a wonderful, fizzing script. One of those works of art that make one feel more alive, more intelligent. We pondered its wisdoms all the way home in the car. Also feeling cheerier.

A lovely piece of theatre with some great writing, essentially about time and love. If you want a piece of work played by some great actors that makes you feel all warm and fluffy and think about deeper things like change and love, then this is the show to see. A beautifully uplifting piece of work. Well done to all the cast.

Thanks for a great play. “Enjoyment” isn’t quite the right word. It isn’t deep enough. Rather, I was fully engaged throughout both performances. I connected to myself deeply and, perhaps even outside the story, outside linear time. . . .

A sincere thank you to everyone involved in creating what was a wonderful evening. Such wisdom explained & shared with so much fun & joy. What made it even better was the fact my daughter, who was with me, has been so well for the last few days. It feels like someone flicked a switch.

Such a play as lifts and opens the heart, as it enlightens the mind. And so much love! May it all flow on and on and return in due course to you all in full measure.

It’s a wonderful cast and their loving energy is a joy to experience.

The generous warmth and energy of the actors was wonderful to experience and I felt so much better after watching the play!

Thank you again for the gift of your play and all I received from it ... You modelled the love of creativity and being with others so well for me. Thank you

We send you and your beautiful actors our love and deep appreciation of such a valuable evening . We absolutely loved every moment and the energy with which the play was given.

Your production and the skill and love of the actors is worthy of the West End and yet so much more valuable. It’s like a hidden jewel where you are.



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