Time’s Fools

the magic of maybe



round here

It’s funny, poignant, inventive, magical ­ and will leave you feeling cheered and playfully intrigued.

Join a collection of unusual and endearing characters exploring the stories of their lives and the complexities of their relationships.

Who are they?

Actors, artists, musicians, romantics, mysterious visitors . . .

Discover the choices they make ­ and their opportunities to take different decisions, as time and circumstances take unusual turns, and as the magic of maybe opens up their sense of what might, perhaps, be possible.

You might like to know that this is an intriguing and complex piece, and you will be able to listen to it again and again.

our actors:

angie barnbrook

geoff barnbrook

edmund caird

nathan hawthorne

ramesh krishnamurthy

lorna meehan

jacqueline o’hanlon

becky sexton

The songs:

"Playing the Fool" - lyrics Deirdre Burton, music composed, arranged and performed by Pete Readman.

"The Breeze at Dawn" - lyrics are an arrangement of one of Tom Davis's re-translations of Rumi poems. His text is here (please scroll down to 4/1/15).

"Silver Songlines" - lyrics and melody Deirdre Burton
"Right Here Right Now" - lyrics and melody Deirdre Burton
"The Magic of Maybe" - lyrics and music Deirdre Burton



The original production featured gorgeous, outrageous costumes in Act 2.

They were made especially for us by the upcycling skills of Janey Verney: see



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