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one woman



In One Woman in her Time the Shakespeare extracts were these:

Caliban: “Be not afrear’d” from The Tempest act 3 scene 2

Ophelia: “There’s rosemary for remembrance” from Hamlet act 4 scene 5

“What is your substance?” from sonnet 53

Feste: “A foolish thing is but a toy” from Twelfth Night act 5 scene 1

Claudio: “Ay but to die” from Measure for Measure act 3 scene 1

Orsino and Viola: “What dost thou know?” from Twelfth Night act 2 scene 4

Olivia and Viola: “Why what would you?” from Twelfth Night act 1 scene 5

Hamlet: “I have of late” from Hamlet act 2 scene 2

Ophelia: “Oh what a noble mind” from Hamlet act 3 scene 1

Macbeth: “Tomorrow and tomorrow” from Macbeth act 5 scene 5

Helena: “How happy some o’er others” from A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream act 1 scene 1

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds” sonnet 116

Puck: “If we shadows have offended” from A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream act 5 scene 1

Prospero: “Ye elves” from The Tempest act 5 scene 1

Prospero: “Our revels now are ended” from The Tempest act 4 scene 1

Horatio: “The rest is silence” from Hamlet act 5 scene 2



The Francois Villon quotation is adapted from his 1461 work of poetry called “Le Testament” - a collection of more than 20 poems. It is considered a masterpiece of medieval literature.


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